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PayPay for Developers FAQ

Is there a way to charge Sandbox test users?

You can use PayPal for Developers to create test users.
Three test users will be issued for each PayPay for Developers account.
For each user, you can add 100,000 yen once a month.
Also, if you run out of accounts, please sign up for PayPay for Developers with a different email address.

1.Create an account with PayPay for Developers

Access PayPay for Developers (https://developer.paypay.ne.jp/) and press "Sign up"

※In case of Japanese notation, please switch to "English" by switching the language.

Enter the email address and password you want to register and press "Agree and Create Account".

A one-time password will be sent to the registered email address.

Enter the received one-time password and press "Verify".

For the service logo screen, click "Continue" to proceed.

Make sure that all payment methods are checked, and click "Register".

Click "Start" to proceed to the dashboard.

2.Log in to PayPay for Developers

If the following screen is displayed, you can log in to PayPaty for Developers with the created account.

Click the "Test User" tab to display the list of test users.

You can check the password by pressing the "eye" icon.

By pressing "+100000", 100,000 yen will be added.